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Webinar Series with Alan Roxburgh

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Missional Leadership Webcasts

Two Events for Pastors, Church Leaders,

Judicatory Leadership, and Denominational Staff!

Roxburgh Missional Network


CEU: No Longer Available


Webinar Descriptions:

We're in the midst of the modern world's third great shift. We are living in an unthinkable time. "A primary obstacle to leading in an unthinkable world is that we keep thinking in terms of the thinkable--our established categories of how leadership works and how the church ought to function." 

The webinars will focus on developing leadership which understands the challenges facing leaders and the church today and identifying practical steps for forming missional congregations that effectively engage changing communities.

For additional reading and reflection on this topic, here is a link to Roxburgh's blog entry, "Entering the Unthinkable World."  Highly recommended reading as preparation for participation in these webinars!

 RoxburghPresenter: Alan Roxburgh is a pastor, teacher, writer and consultant with more than 30 years experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education. Alan has pastored congregations in a small town, the suburbs, the re-development of a downtown urban church and the planting of other congregations. He has directed an urban training center and served as a seminary professor and the director of a center for mission and evangelism.

Alan teaches as an adjunct professor in seminaries in the USA, Australia and Europe. His books include: Reaching a New Generation, Leadership, Liminality and the Missionary Congregation, Crossing the Bridge: Leadership in a Time of Change, The Sky is Falling - Leaders Lost in Transition, The Missional Leader (co-authored with Fred Romanuk), Introducing the Missional Church (Baker, Nov 09) and Missional Map Making (Jossey-Bass, Jan 2010). He was also a member of the writing team that authored Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America

Alan Roxburgh leads the Roxburgh Missional Network team (RMN), a diverse group of men and women with years of experience in pastoral leadership, teaching, consulting, psychology and publishing.  RMN is committed to resourcing missional leaders with the best training, consulting and hands-on resources for innovating missional life in local congregations and communities of faith.  


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Sue Ross
Master of Arts '08

SueAbout eight years ago, everywhere I turned, I felt a nudge and heard a voice to study and learn about God. I would hear it in discussions with friends, in sermons, in song, in prayers, and in silence. I wanted to ignore that voice because I had a full-time job in the business world that I enjoyed. However, God's voice never stopped, so I enrolled at Bethany Theological Seminary. It all started as a very personal reason with no expectation of using a degree but simply a way to experience God.