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Pacific Southwest Webcasts (Nov 6-8, 2009)

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All recordings are posted, and available for you to watch here. Just use the links in the schedule below!


“Upholding Core Values as Brethren Transition”


Friday, November 6          Saturday, November 7          Sunday, November 8


Friday, November 6, 2009    

7:00p: Evening Worship, with message by Jim Martinez

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Side Doors10:30 – 11:30am Charles "Chip" Arn - Side-Doors: Effective Church Outreach in the 21 Century.

Most churches rely on their "front doors" (visitors to Sunday worship) to provide newcomers to grow. Unfortunately, in most congregations, there are not enough people coming in the front door to make up for those going out the back door (death, transfer, inactivity). Growing churches have discovered the power-and the fun-of building side-doors, and how they dramatically increase the potential for connecting with unchurched people. This session introduces the "what," "why," and "how" of building side-doors, the foundation process in the upcoming PSWD 2-year strategy: Building Side-Doors.    

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10:30 – 11:30am- Rubén Deoleo

COB: Organization and Polity
Briefly will teach and explain COB structure and polity,  to Spanish speaking, guiding them to formulate a broad context of how congregations, agencies and the denomination work.

COB: Organización y Políticas
Brevemente explicaremos y enseñaremos la estructura y políticas, a los hispanos, guiándolos a formular un contesto amplio de cómo las congregaciones, agencias y la denominación trabaja.

(view recording) [Note: this recording was cut off after
about 35 minutes due to internet difficulties in Sacramento.]

2:15 – 3:00pm Charles "Chip" Arn Overview of the PSWD "Building Side-Doors" Two-Year Ministry Strategy. Introduce the two-year growth strategy-Building Side-Doors-available to churches in the Pacific Southwest District. The project begins in January, 2010 and requires pastoral and board approval to participate.

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3:15 – 4:00pm- Mary Jo Flory-Steury Creating a Culture of Call- The workshop will focus on a theology of call with practical ideas and conversation on ways the church can nurture and call out leaders for the church.

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3:15p-4:00pm:  Ruben Deoleo presents "El Liderato en la Iglesia de los Hermanos"

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7:00p:  Worship, with Dr. Bass preaching.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009    

Webcast9:15a-10:15a: Stan Dueck leads "'Emerging Church' or 'Emergent Church'"

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11:00Boozam – 12:00pm Don Booz, District Executive Minister, PSWD Worship – Preaching             

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ArnCharles "Chip" Arn is a widely traveled speaker, author, professor, and consultant. He is dedicated to church life and especially evangelism. Chip Arn is the president of Church Growth Institute.   


Butler BassDiana Butler Bass is a popular engaging speaker and consultant. She has authored several books including "Christianity for the Rest of Us" and "The Practicing Congregation."


Mary Jo Flory-Steury serves as Executive Director of Ministry for the Church of the Brethren.



DeoleoRubén Deoleo serves as the Director of Intercultural Ministries for the Church of the Brethren. Ruben is ordained in the Church of the Brethren.

Presentations by Diana Butler Bass were webcast "live only"

For technical questions or assistance, please contact Enten Eller, Director of Electronic Communication at Bethany Seminary, at or 765-983-1831.

We are grateful to the following organizations and persons, who have madethese webcasts possible through their collaborative efforts:

Bethany Theological Seminary through Enten Eller, Bethany's Director of Distributed Education& Electronic Communication, and utilizing Bethany's technical resources and equipment;

Mission and Ministry Board of the Church ofthe Brethren through Stan Dueck, Director for Transforming Practices, Congregational Life Ministries,

Church of the Brethren; and the Pacific Southwest District of the Church of the Brethren through Joe Vecchio, Administrative Assistant, and Don Booz, District Executive.

Katie Shaw Thompson
Master of Divinity

BethanyI have to admit I had no idea how much my cross-cultural trip to Marburg, Germany, would broaden my perspective. By immersing myself in German culture, I learned more about hospitality, theology, global politics, my neighbor, and myself than I thought possible in two weeks.

I was overwhelmed by the hospitality shown to us by the parish church and our host families. I will forever be grateful for those conversations across the table, across cultural differences, and across language barriers about the things that matter deeply to us all.