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Chip Arn Evangelism Webinar

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Evangelism Webinars with Chip Arn

presented by Chip Arn,

president of Church Growth Institute



Recordings of Sessions:

Session 1: Making Evangelism Effective:Why New People Connect and Stay in Church, November 17 and 19, 2009

Description: Research of new people (newcomer) who join a church and stay provides important insights for leaders who want to invest their church's outreach energy in the right place. 

This practical webinar shares the research, but more importantly answers the question, "Why is this important?"  Six specific guidelines (new to most pastors) are identified as critical for outreach effectives.  The webinar is presented by Dr. Charles Arn, a well-respected authority in congregational health and growth.

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Session 1 Handout (pdf)

Session 2: Building Bridges: Connecting with New People, February 2 and 4, 2010

Description: More people come to faith through a meaningful relationship with a Christian friend or relative than all other reasons combined!

However, most Christians have few, if any, close friends who are non-Christian. And, not surprisingly, most non-Christians have few or no close friends who are Christ-followers.

This webinar presents a refreshing way for churches to help members develop meaningful connections with people outside the church and Christian faith. These friendships become genuine and intimate bonds that can help meet the relational needs deep within all of us.  As these relationships grow, they often become "bridges of God" which provide the opportunity for many unchurched people to experience God's love through the love of God's people.

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Session 2 Handout (pdf)

Session 3: Where Did They Go? How to Keep New Members Through the First Year, March 23 and 25, 2010

Description: Of all the people who drop out of church, over 80% do so in the first year. There are critical questions new members are asking in the first 12 months that you need to know…because your answers will determine their future in your congregation. Learn the questions, the issues, the responses. You won’t have a second chance at the first year.
In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. What research shows about church drop-outs; why and when they leave.
  2. Why many churches see an unusually large number of newcomers leave at the end of 6 months, and what causes it.
  3. Why there is another large group of newcomers who leave at the end of 12 months, and what is the reason.
  4. The unique issues critical for your church to address in the first 6 months—and the second 6 months—of a new member’s life; then how to begin.

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Session 3 Handout (pdf)


Chip Arn



Dr. Charles "Chip" Arn is a widely traveled speaker, an author, professor, and consultant. He is dedicated to the church life and especially evangelism. Chip Arn is the president of Church Growth Institute. 

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We are grateful to the following organizations and persons, who have made these webcasts possible through their collaborative efforts:

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Monica Rice
Master of Arts

MonicaIt is no small task to choose a topic that will hold enough interest to devote countless hours and hundreds of pages of reading and writing. I have found that topic in researching the tradition of the prayer covering in the Church of the Brethren. This practice piqued my curiosity because of the lack of available writing and discussion about it. For instance, the last time that Annual Meeting/Conference addressed the covering was 1925!