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  Quick Links to LIVE Broadcasts:

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Regularly Webcast Events:

These events are usually broadcast each week.  Follow the links to join the live event, or to see both recent and archived recordings.

Bethany Seminary Campus Webcasts -- Wednesday Chapel Services, and other Special Events

Chapels are scheduled to be broadcast live most Wednesdays of classes at 11:20 am Eastern time!

Chapel Service

Join the LIVE broadcast of Chapel and other special events on our Livestream platform.  (For complete instructions, see our Webcast Login page.)

Browse and view past campus broadcasts (chapel services and other special events)


Peace Forum

Bethany Seminary
Peace Forums

Broadcast live each Thursday of classes at 12:00 noon Eastern time (not held during school breaks or summer)

Join the LIVE broadcast of Peace Forum on Adobe Connect by logging in as a Guest with your name and location.  For complete login instructions see our Webcast Login page.

Browse and view past Peace Forum sessions
(last several years)


Special Webcasts Coming Soon / Recent Broadcasts:


Other Webcasts Recordings:

Here are other webcasts for you to enjoy.  Entries below include links to recordings for webcasts that are now completed. 

(Note: CEU credits are only offered for live participation, and cannot be extended for viewing these recordings.)


[We have begun sharing archives with the Church of the Brethren.  See for recordings of shared events since 2011.  For recordings of chapel and other special Bethany events, see the link at the top of the page for those recordings.]


Read more and view the recordings

Church of the Brethren Annual Conference 2011

July 2-7, 2011

View webcasts of the annual conference proceedings


Church of the Brethren Intercultural Consultation and Celebration!  

April 28-30, 2011

Mill Rivers, NC.


Funding 21st Century New Church Starts

Feb 8 and Feb 10, 2011

Rev. Dr. Mark L. Vincent, CEO of Design Group International.

Read more and view recording
Read more!

Making Peace Where the Wild Things Are

October 30, 2010

presented by professor Scott Holland

Scott Holland
The Chronicler

The Chronicler

October 26, 2010

Join Robert Neff, Frank Ramirez and Steven Schweitzer as they share information, ideas and engaging insights on the book of Chronicles.

Read more and view recording

A series of ten podcast are also available, keyed to each chapter in the book, "The Chronicler."

Lea más y vea grabaciones

[Español] La Conferencia de la Iglesia Históricas de la Paz de las Américas

27 de noviembre - al 2 de diciembre del 2010

Un transmisión desde República Dominicana

Read more and view recordings

[English] Historic Peace Church Conference of the Americas

November 27 - December 2, 2010

Broadcast from the Dominican Republic

Read more and view the recording

Beyond the Church Door: Healthy Strategies for Serving, Sharing, and Inviting

September 14 and 16, 2010

Learn how to serve beyond the physical church building with Fred Bernhard and Steve Clapp.

Bernhard and Clapp


Leadership that Transforms

August 24 and 26, 2010

Join Paul Mundey in learning practical applications of transformational, pastoral leadership.

Read more and view the recording
Read more and view the recordings

Money Leadership: From "OH-MY" to "A-MEN"

Get Centered -
June 22 and 24, 2010

Get Savvy -
July 15 and 19, 2010

Get Conspiratorial -
August 4 and 5, 2010

A series of three webinars, with Mark Vincent, discussing money leadership.

Money Leadership


National Youth Conference

July 19, 2010

Worship and Youth Speech Contest Winners

View the broadcast!
View the recordings

Church of the Brethren Annual Conference

July 3-7, 2010

Worships and other meetings and business were broadcast from Pittsburgh, PA



Missional Leadership Webcasts

Leading in an Unthinkable World - May 25, 2010

Forming Missional Communities: Practical Steps - June 7, 2010

Two Events for Pastors, Church Leaders, Judicatory Leadership, and Denominational Staff with Alan Roxburgh!

Read more and view the recordings
Read more and view the recordings

Church of the Brethren Intercultural Consultation and Celebration

April 22-24, 2010

Celebrating Diversity in Harmony


Developing Conflict Healthy Congregations

Understanding Patterns of Congregational Conflict - February 16 and 18, 2010

Strategies for Responding to Congregational Conflict - 
March 8 and 11, 2010

Take Charge. Resolve the Conflict - May 5 and 6, 2010

A series of three webinars discussing conflict resolution strategies in churches with Celia Cook-Huffman.

Read more and view the recordings
Read more and view recordings

Chip Arn on Evangelism

Making Evangelism Effective:Why New People Connect and Stay in Church - November 17 and 19, 2009

Building Bridges: Connecting with New People -
February 2 and 4, 2010

Where Did They Go? How to Keep New Members Through the First Year - 
March 23 and 25, 2010

A series of three webinars on the topic of evangelism


Progressive Gathering 2009

Progressive Brethren Gathering

November 13-15, 2009

Webcast from Elizabethtown, PA

Read more and view recordings
Read more and view recordings

Pacific Southwest District Conference

November 6-8, 2009

 Workshops by Charles Arn, Mary Jo Flory-Steury, Ruben Deoleo, and preaching by Don Booz.

Special Collections Celebration

Special Collections Celebration

October 31, 2009

Celebration of Bethany's Special Collections, including the completion of a significant preservation and digitizing project. (For more information access the special collections)

Click here to view recording
Click here to view recording

Bethany Seminary Dean's Installation Worship

October 30, 2009

Celebration of the installation of Steven J. Schweitzer

Dean's Installation Worship

Computer User

ANE Ethics Training

October 28, 2009

A pilot program for ministerial ethics training.

Read more
Read more and view recordings

Western Plains Gathering V

October 23-25, 2009

A transformational initiative of the Western Plains district



Life/Christian Coaching Training

Oct 12-13, 2009

Learn how to be a Christian life coach in the 12-hour training course with Jane Creswell.

Read more and view recordings


And... the Church of the Brethren Webcast Site

Follow this link to access podcasts (audio recordings) and some video webcasts of events such as:

  • "A Jewish Tentmaker Preaches Peace" (Ulrich)
  • Three Hundred Years of Brethren Heritage (Young Center)
  • Responding to Virginia Tech (ABC on Mental Illness)
  • Peace in our Land (Historic Peace Churches in Indonesia)
  • "Can You Do One Thing?" (Deacon Ministry-Borgmann)
  • Sudan Interviews (Global Mission Partnerships)
  • BBT Shareholder Advocacy (Dulabaum)
  • Annual Conference Previews (Mitchell / Beckwith)
  • ... and many more!


For questions or comments about these webcast pages or about the webcasts themselves, please e-mail

Sue Ross
Master of Arts '08

SueAbout eight years ago, everywhere I turned, I felt a nudge and heard a voice to study and learn about God. I would hear it in discussions with friends, in sermons, in song, in prayers, and in silence. I wanted to ignore that voice because I had a full-time job in the business world that I enjoyed. However, God's voice never stopped, so I enrolled at Bethany Theological Seminary. It all started as a very personal reason with no expectation of using a degree but simply a way to experience God.