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Planned Giving

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Tomorrow's church - will there be committed and faithful leadership for future generations? What can we do to ensure the availability of excellent leadership for our children, our grandchildren, and their children?

Those who give to Bethany through deferred gift plans assure a valuable legacy - the life and work of future generations of ministers of the Gospel. Such donors are Bethany's Olive Tree Community. The olive tree matures very slowly, so parents plant olive trees for their children and grandchildren. Like the biblical olive tree that sustained the life of the community by providing food, oil, wood, and fuel, the gifts of these donors plant "trees" for Bethany's future.

Deferred Giving and Estate Planning

Planned Giving strategies can be crafted to serve a variety of purposes beneficial to both the donor and the charity.  Establishing trust instruments will require assistance of your legal counsel.  We would be pleased to assist you in formulating options to take advantage of any of these Planned Giving opportunities.

We may hesitate to give as much as we would like to ministry training because we believe our resources are too limited. We may fear that unexpected costs may jeopardize our own future or that of our loved ones.

However, it is possible to be both a generous giver and a prudent manager. You can give in support of ministry education and still maintain economic security. Here are several samples of plans through which that may be accomplished:

Will or Living Trust

If you would like counsel on how a bequest to Bethany would best be worded reach Lowell Flory using the contact information below.

Charitable Gift Annuity

By transferring cash or property to an annuity with Bethany, receive a current tax deduction for part of the gift, and also receive a guaranteed periodic fixed payment for life, a portion of which is tax free. Payment rates for a given age are established by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

Designation of Retirement Account

An increasing number of people hold significant assets in their IRA's or other retirement accounts. Bethany can be a beneficiary of your retirement program while giving tax advantages to your heirs.

Because of a tax impact known as "income in respect of a decedent," there are advantages to utilizing one's retirement plan as a way to give an estate gift to charity.

As you may note on our Ways to Give page, there is also an option for current utilization of IRA's for charitable purposes. For gifts by that method, your IRA administrator sends the gift directly to us without passing it through your hands or your tax return.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Retain an income interest in appreciated securities, property, or cash by transferring the assets to a trust with Bethany. Receive payments based on a percentage of the trust assets as valued annually, and have generous tax benefits as well. There are many other variations on unitrusts as well, all of which produce a current income tax deduction, as well as remove the property from the donor's estate, potentially reducing estate and/or inheritance taxes.

Charitable Lead Trust

Establish a trust with securities or business interests, income from which is given to a charity for a period of years (normally 17-20 years) with the remainder going to family members, yieding potential tax benefits for the donor.  Although a Charitable Lead Trust is a valuable planned giving strategy, it is the only tool on this page that produces current income rather than deferred income for Bethany.

Life Insurance

Name Bethany as the owner and beneficiary of an established or new policy. Give a significant gift, and also receive tax benefits through charitable deductions.

There are Numerous Other Opportunities

. . . in the form of partial gift/partial sale of a business or in the transfer of business or other property, or other arrangements in which tax savings from making a gift significantly offset the cost of the gift itself. If you have interest in more details, contact us and we can send you our 12 page booklet Charitable Gift Planning. 


For more information, please contact:

FloryLowell Flory, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and Gift Planning       765-983-1805  or  (800)287-8822  x1805


Jeff Foster
(Certificate of Achievement in Theological Studies)

JeffFor nine years I felt the leading of God to ministry. I began my academic journey thinking that I had God all figured out. This journey began at Moody Bible Institute for several semesters, where I gleaned perspective on missions and evangelism. Because of a full-time missionary role, I suspended Moody classes to concentrate on raising support. During that time God began to speak to me about the overall disunity in our Christian church. I came to the conclusion that unity within the body of Christ is the best way to reach lost souls with greater depth. I started exploring the Anabaptist teaching and specifically the way the Church of the Brethren strives toward this vision of unity and reconciliation.