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Bethany Merchandise

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You may purchase gifts and clothing with the Bethany logo by contacting our on-campus sales provider, Earlham Bookstore, at bookstore2@earlham.edu.

Web Page: Earlham Bookstore

Phone: 765-983-1310

Fax: 765-983-1467


However, we hope to begin an entirely new line of Bethany items for sale...
look for an announcement in the near future!

Claire Flowers-Waggener
(Master of Divinity)

ClaireChoosing to respond to "the call" can be a gut-wrenching experience that takes years to resolve, and in some cases, the choice is made in an instant, life-altering moment. In a moment, I chose to respond to a yearning in my heart that had been aching for decades.

I then had to choose which seminary I would attend!