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Teaching Assistant - B-102 (Spring Only)

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Federal Work-Study Position Application Form

Job Title

 Teaching Assistant: B-102
Reports to  Dan Ulrich
Department  Academic
Days of Week Flexible
Time of Day Flexible
Hours per week 8.5-Spring only
Start date 12/1/2015, with a few consultations before hand by phone or email. 
End date 05/10/2016
Pay rate  10.25
General description/brief summary Teaching Assistant for Introduction to New Testament History and Literature. Contributes to students learning in the online section of the course. The Assistant also has an opportunity to gain some experience in planning, implementing and evaluating a graduate level course.

Weekly responsibilities include reviewing assigned reading, monitoring online discussions, contributing to discussions as appropriate, and consulting with the instructor about students' progress. The assistant will serve as a second pair of eyes on the Moodle site, especially to identify students who may be struggling. Other priorities are negotiable and vary depending on the interests of the assistant and the needs of the students taking the course. Responsibilities require reliable internet access but do NOT require residency near Richmond, IN.

Other duties as assigned.

Skills/qualifications Excellent prior completion of B-102 or B-102-O Introduction to New Testament History and Literature or an equivalent graduate level course at another seminary. Gifts for teaching, including the ability to monitor and facilitate online discussions. Respect for diversity and attention to the needs of individual students. 
Physical demands  N/A

Kristy Shellenberger
(MA Connections)

KristyAs I enter my first year of study in the MA Connections program at Bethany, I find myself drawn to these two sets of words by Brian McLaren and Frederick Buechner. Being a woman who finds "deep gladness" in the combination of searching, struggling, and "questing" around the subject of the divine, I have found a home at Bethany: a home that provides the space and the people, the encouragement and the instruction