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Federal Work-Study (FWS)

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FWS Position Listings

Below you will find a brief description of each Federal Work-Study position and the supervisor name or department for the position. To be eligible for a FWS position, current students must qualify by demonstrating financial need by completing the FAFSA and Bethany financial aid application by June 15. New students must submit these materials by July 15.

To learn more about any position, please click on the title for a more detailed description. To apply for any of these positions please click any application link. All jobs will have the same pay rate at $9.75 per hour. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and interviews scheduled appropriately.


Academic Services/Business Office Assistant - Deb Gropp/Sara Brann--Position Filled
Provide general office support for Academic Services and Business offices.


Advancement Assistant/Receptionist - Monica Rice--Position Filled
Work front desk and provide support to various departments. Some work will be done while at the front desk. 


Assistant(s) for Electronic Communication and Website - Enten Eller--Position Filled  
Assist the Director of Electronic Communication in providing technical and broadcasting services for meetings, events and classes; and/or assist with maintenance of Bethany's website.
Not all duties need be done by one person.  Interested persons may apply for one or more of the responsibilities listed in the full description. Multiple assistants desired to function as a team.


Assistant for Youth and Young Adult Institute - Russell Haitch/Bekah Houff--Position Filled
Work with the Institute to develop, manage and execute its mission. Interact with local churches, Church of the Brethren offices and broader public. 


Student Program Assistant for the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults - Russell Haitch/Bekah Houff--Position Filled  
Responsible for assisting with the programs of the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults.


Bethany AV Team Coordinator - Ryan Frame  -- Position Filled 
Coordinate the Bethany AV Team in providing AV services for non-classroom events.


Community Service Positions - Brian Schleeper--Position Filled
TBA. These positions will be at  community service organizations like the Boys and Girls club, Girls INC., Cope Enviornmental Center, Habitat for Humanity, local schools etc. These positions will work approximately three to six hours per week.  If interested in a community service position, please email Brian Schleeper at


Housekeeping Assistant - Brenda Reish--Position Filled    
Collection and disposal of trash and vacuuming of Bethany building.


Peace Studies Associate - Scott Holland   -- Position Filled
Plan and administer the weekly Peace Forum.


Peace Studies Assistant - Scott Holland  
Assist Peace Studies Associate with weekly Peace Forum. 


Presidential Forum Event Coordinator - Jeff Carter--Position Filled 
Assist with all aspects of Presidential Forum


President's Office Assistant - Shaye Isaacs    -- Position Filled
Assist Executive Assistant to the President


Receptionist Assistant - Brian Schleeper--Position Filled
Work receptionist desk as fill in/back up person when regularly scheduled person is not available


Student Chapel Coordinator - Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm  -- Position Filled
Works with members of Patterns of Worship course to coordinate chapel services.


Student Services Assistant/Receptionist- Tracy Primozich--Position Filled   
Provide assistance and support for Admissions, Business and Student Development offices. Mailings, database and website maintenance. Some work will be done while at the front desk. 


Admission-Newsletter Assistant - Tracy Primozich--Position Filled 
Assist in creating, editing, formatting, publishing and managing monthly admissions newsletter.


Social Media Assistant- Tracy Primozich-Position Filled  
Assist in creating a presence on all Bethany Theological Seminary social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the seminary Blog


Student Services Ambassadors - Tracy Primozich
Engage youth/young adults in the incarnational mission and vision of Bethany while living and learning with persons at events throughout a summer experience at various Church of the Brethren conference, events and camps. Travel is a requirement. (At least 2 positions…could be more if money/hours available) 


Summer Program Counselors (3) for EYC -- Russell Haitch/Bekah Houff
Responsible for assisting with the summer programs of the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults.


Teaching Assistant (M-220) - Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm--Position Filled
Assist with classroom section of  course through planning, implementing and evaluating the course. This position is for the Fall semester only.


Work Study Assistant/Receptionist - Brian Schleeper--Position Filled 
Facilitate the filling and monitoring of Federal Work-Study jobs. Some work will be done while at the front desk. 


Writing Coach - Amy Ritchie--Position Filled
Serve as tutor to strengthen the writing skills of seminary students.


For more information about Federal Work-Study, contact:

Brian SchleeperBrian Schleeper,  Financial Aid Officer/Coordinator of Student Services      765- 983-1828


To apply for any of these FWS positions, submit an online application.



Kimberly Koczan-Flory

KimberlyNot long ago, I was uncertain if I would be a Bethany student. My calling to ministry holds a strong commitment to the church, but has always extended beyond church doors. I am passionate about the ways God is moving within congregations, but committed also to those who seek God outside of the institutional structures. One of the primary places. I feel most fully engaged in life-giving ministry is as a spiritual director. Several years ago I completed a certification program in spiritual direction and feel deeply honored to listen with individuals, groups, and organizations about how ordinary life meets with our extraordinary God.