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Previous Peace Forum Sessions

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Welcome to the Peace Forum Webcast Vault!
Here you will find all the available previous recordings from Peace Forum.

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

Spring 2010

Fall 2009

Fall 2014 Peace Forum Sessions:

Evie Shellenberger


Nov. 20- Welcome to Iran- Evie and Wally Shellenberger

view webcast recording (49:57)



Steve Stone


Nov. 13- Mental Health and the Faith Community- Steve Stone

view webcast recording (53:01)



Erica Weiland


Nov. 6- National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC)- Erica Weiland

view webcast recording (55:05)



Nick Patler


Oct. 30- International Conference of the Ahmadiyya Islamic Society- Nick Patler

view webcast recording (44:49)



Tommy Wren


Oct. 9-  Friends Committee on National Legislation- Tommy Wren

view webcast recording (36:54)



Tibetan Monks


Oct. 2-  Tibetan Monks on the Current Situation in Tibet

view webcast recording (47:07)



Jim Higginbotham


Sept. 18-  Towards a Pastoral Theology of Incarceration- Jim Higginbotham

view webcast recording (50:00)



Sharlene George


Sept. 11-  Open Arms- Sharlene George

view webcast recording (41:13)



Scott Holland


Sept. 4-  Get to Know Your Forum- Peace Forum Committee

view webcast recording (20:19)



Spring 2014 Peace Forum Sessions:

Jenn Quijano


Jan. 30- Learning Tour of Nepal- Jenn Quijano

view webcast recording (58:20)



Peggy Faw Gish


Feb. 6-  Walking Through Fire: Iraqi's Struggle for Justice and Reconciliation- Peggy Faw Gish

view webcast recording (52:01)



Shayne Petty


Feb. 13- Evangelical Perspectives on Peace- Shayne Petty

view webcast recording (49:31)



Beena Sebastian


Feb. 20- Cultural Academy for Peace in India- Beena Sebastian

view webcast recording (55:18)



Steve Olshewsky


Feb. 27- How you can Abolish the Death Penalty?- Steve Olshewsky

view webcast recording (49:13)



Audrey Hollenberg-Duffey


Mar. 6- Girls Inc.- Beth Harrick and Audrey Hollenberg-Duffey

view webcast recording (46:34)



Dwight Wilson


Mar. 13- Human Rights and Mass Incarceration- Dwight Wilson

view webcast recording (51:50)



Samuel Sarpiya


Mar. 27- Non-violence and Social Justice in Rockford, IL- Samuel Sarpiya

view webcast recording (43:23)



Josh Brown


Apr. 3- Becoming an Open and Affirming Congregation- Josh Brown

view webcast recording (41:32)



Jim Grossnickle-Batterton


Apr. 10- Catholic Worker Movement- Jim Grossnickle-Batterton

view webcast recording (49:30)



Don Miller


Apr. 17- Just Peace Movement- Don Miller

view webcast recording (46:47)



Steve Angell


Apr. 24- Bayard Rustin- Steve Angell

view webcast recording (43:54)



Jennie Kiffmeyer


May 1- Stories from Thresholds- Jennie Kiffmeyer and Friends

view webcast recording (52:24)



Fall 2013 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                    (return to top)

Karen Duhai


Sept. 5- Introduction to Peace Forum- The Peace Forum Committee

view webcast recording (29:45)




Jen Scarr


Sept. 12- Stories from Palestine- Jen Scarr

view webcast recording (39:26)



Lonnie Valentine


Sept. 19- Peace Tax Fund- Lonnie Valentine

view webcast recording (46:15)



Ahmadiyya Imam


Sept. 26- Muslims for Peace- Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Dayton

view webcast recording (48:15)



David Niyonzima


Oct. 3- Peace and Trauma Work in Africa- David Niyonzima

view webcast recording (44:09)



Sophie Ottoni-Wilhelm


Oct. 24- Human Trafficking in Nepal- Sophie Ottoni-Wilhelm

view webcast recording (59:32)



Gilbert Romero


Oct. 31- Peace and Music- Bittersweet Gospel Band

view webcast recording (46:25)



Ben Brazil


Nov. 7- Travel, Tourism, and Ethics- Ben Brazil

view webcast recording (58:06)



Enten Eller


Nov. 14- Resisting the Draft- Enten Eller

view webcast recording (49:05)



Bob Gross


Nov, 21- 3000 Miles for Peace- Bob Gross

view webcast recording (45:20)




Spring 2013 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                               (return to top)

Alana Kinarsky and Ann Marie Roderick


Jan. 31: Ann Marie Roderick and Alana Kinarsky from Interfaith Youth Core

view webcast recording (45:16)



Becky McKimmy


Feb. 7: Monica Rice and Becky McKimmy: Crafty Peace

view webcast recording (34:13)




Glenn Brumbaugh


Feb. 14: Glenn Brumbaugh:Palestine II

view webcast recording (37:37)




David Carlson


Feb. 21: Dr. David Carlson:Shoulder to Shoulder

view webcast recording (51:19)




David Radcliff


Feb. 28: David Radcliff from New Community Project

view webcast recording (47:10)




Ruthann Knechel Johansen


Mar. 7: Ruthann Knechel Johansen on Peace and Literature

view webcast recording (46:21)




Angelina Carpenter


Mar. 14: Angelina Carpenter- "Facing Down Racism in East Tennessee"

view webcast recording (46:30)




Jackie Speicher


Mar. 21: Terry Hauger, Jackie Speicher, and Ann Barnhart on Disability Awareness Month

view webcast recording (47:47)



Bill Schuerer


April 4: Bill Schuerer from On Earth Peace

view webcast recording (46:55)




Kirsten Leloudis and Mason George


Apr. 11: Kirsten Leloudis and Mason George from Miller Farm

view webcast recording (35:56)



Dean Johnson


Apr. 18: Dean Johnson- "We Have not been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America"

view webcast recording (52:29)



Fall 2012 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                    (return to top)

Audrey Hollenberg-Duffey


Aug. 30: Peace Forum Committee:  Introduction to Peace Forum

view webcast recording (22:04)




Rick Polhamus


Sept. 6: Rick Polhamus- Whose Story Is It?

view webcast recording (51:40)



Susan Issacs


Sept. 13: Susan Issacs- The Wayne Township Trustee

view webcast recording (32:34)




Dylan Haro


Sept. 20: Dylan Haro- A Summer I Will Never Forget

view webcast recording (31:48)




Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm


Sept. 27: Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm- Preaching Peace and Justice Among Us

view webcast recording (42:21)



Glenn Brumbaugh


Oct. 6: Glenn Brumbaugh- Palestine- Then and Now

view webcast recording (51:31)




Craig Goodworth


Oct. 18: Craig Goodworth- The Phoenix Project

view webcast recording (59:59)




Sharlene George


Oct.  25: Sharlene George- New Socks

view webcast recording (41:47)




Carol Hunter


Nov. 1: Carol Hunter- Woman and Politics: What's Going On?

view webcast recording (50:07)




Judi Hetrick


Nov. 8: Judi Hetrick- Revisioning the News: Peace and Journalism Part 1

view webcast recording (43:54)



Peace Journalism


Nov. 15: Earlham College Peace Journalism Class- Revisioning the News: Peace and Journalism Part 2

view webcast recording (44:14)



Dan Ulrich


Nov. 29: Dan Ulrich's Gospel of Peace Class - A Biblical Theology of Peacemaking

view webcast recording (56:40)



Spring 2012 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                    (return to top)

Jan. 26: Peace Forum Committee: ​Hunger BanquetHunger Banquet

view webcast recording (15:37)





Laura ArendtFeb. 2: Laura Arendt - Open Arms Ministries

view webcast recording (46:22)





Abbey Pratt-HarringtonFeb.9: Abbey Pratt-Harrington and Erin Hougland - Japan Today

​view webcast recording (49:13)





Jerry BowenFeb. 16: Jerry Bowen - Tikkun Olam

​view webcast recording (54:23)





Jordan BlevinsFeb. 23: Jordan Blevins - Just Peace and the Church of the Brethren

view webcast recording (43:01)





James TaylorMar. 1: James Taylor - Prison Ministry at the Peace Learning Center

​view webcast recording (40:19)




Vivian FinnellMar. 8: Vivian Finnell - Not to Believers Like Us (N2BLU): Domestic Violence

view webcast recording (42:44)




March 15: No Peace Forum - Spring Break


Kurt RitchieMar. 22: Kurt Ritchie -  Sustainable Healthcare

​view webcast recording (48:27)





Anna WoofendenMar. 29: Anna Woofenden and Matt Gross - Bread for the World

view webcast recording (50:29)





Apr. 5: Steve Cleaver- Take Back the Night: Stories of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

(​Due this program's personal content, a webcast is not available)


Jeff Myers


Apr. 12: Jeff Myers- The Way of Love, The Way of the Cross: A.J. Muste's Theology of Pacifism

view webcast recording (49:04)




Bob Hunter


Apr. 19: Bob Hunter- Dominionism

view webcast recording (57:17)




Ruth Neff

Apr. 26: Steve Angell, Ruth Neff, and Sam Neff- Iran

view webcast recording (1:04)




Fall 2011 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                         (return to top)

Erin HouglandSept. 15: Erin Hougland and Josh Abel- Not-For-Profit Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic: Providing Free Legal Services to those in Need

view webcast recording (33:57)




Scott Holland

Sept. 22: Scott Holland - Just Peace: Reflections from the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation

view webcast recording (32:47)




John Muhanji

Sept. 29: John Muhanji- Peacebuilding: The Quaker Opportunities in the Horn of Africa

view webcast recording (32:09)





Christopher Sammond

​Oct. 6: Christopher Sammond- ​We are Called to be Faithful, Not Effective, But...

view webcast recording (27:42)




Oct. 13: No Peace Forum- Fall Break


Stephanie Crumley-Effinger

​Oct. 20: ESR Faculty- ​Stories from Kenya/Rwanda

view webcast recording (39:54)




​Oct. 27: Jon Watts- ​The Burden of Vision: Carrying a Call to Peace in a Non-Peaceful Society

(no webcast available)


David Johns

​Nov. 3: David Johns- ​Liberation Theology

view webcast recording (41:51)





Deanna Brown

​Nov. 10: Deanna Brown- ​Cultural Connections: Women Weaving Worlds

view webcast recording (50:10)




Silas Wanjali

​Nov. 17: Silas Wanjala- ​Hope for Africa: The Gospel Message of Nonviolence

view webcast recording (36:36)



Jenny Kiffmeyer

​Dec. 1: Jenny Kiffmeyer and Faith Woodside- ​Hungry for Justice, Thirsty for Forgiveness: Stories of Peace

view webcast recording (39:48)




Spring 2011 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                    (return to top)

Kristy Shellenberger

Jan. 27: Kristy Shellenberger - Coming Around to the Goddess: A Personal Journey of Transformation and Discovery

view webcast recording (50:51)




Feb. 3: Marcia Smith-Woods- Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Energy Work: A Hands-On, Prayerful Form of Becoming Open to God's Healing Inner Peace and Light

(Presenter could not attend due to ice storm....)


Ann Marie ThompsonFeb. 10: Ann Marie Thompson Giving Back to Africa: Concept and Practice, Passion and Action

view webcast recording (1:00)




Dean JohnsonFeb. 17: Dean Johnson – White Privilege and Racism:  The Narratives and Everyday Praxis of White Christians

view webcast recording (54:28)




Feb. 24: Sharon Rab – Honoring Literature that Makes for PeaceSharon Rab


Mar. 3: Global Women’s Project – Giving Birth to a New WorldNan Erbaugh




Getry Agizah

Mar. 10: Getry Agizah - Friends Church Peace Teams: Healing from and Preventing Election Violence in Kenya


Kelsey Timmerman

Mar. 24: Kelsey Timmerman - Common Threads: Searching for Community in our Globalized




Mar. 31: Allan Kauffman - Civic engagement: The good, the bad and the uglyAllan Kauffman





Apr. 7:  Sally Hutton - Civic engagement with the Mayor of RichmondSally Hutton





Apr. 14:   City Council CandidatesMissy Hollis





Apr. 21:  Mayoral CandidatesBob Goodwin






Apr. 28: Steve Olshewsky - Working for a Peace Tax FundSteve Olshewsky





Fall 2010 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                         (return to top)

Aug. 26: Welcome back! Introductions: "What is Peace Forum?"

view webcast recording (13:56)


Sept. 2: Adrienne Lowe, ESR grad, "From the Full Plate to the Wide World: Engaging Young Adults with Interfaith Hospitality"

view webcast recording (41:58)


RachelSept. 9: Rachel Stacy, ESR student and EC alum, "Re-imagining Socially Constructed Myths to Facilitate Inter-Religious Dialogue."

view webcast recording (41:29)




HunterSept. 16: Daniel Hunter, EC alum and Trainer at Training for Change, "There Is No Safe Space: Diversity and Privilege."

view webcast recording (1:02)






Sept. 23: Rick Polhamus, On Earth Peace and Christian Peacemaker Teams, The Foolish Path of Peace.

view webcast recording (1:05)




DavidSept. 30: David Young, founder of Capstone, Rebuilding Homes and Hearts in New Orleans

view webcast recording (49:21)




WellingOct. 7: Welling Hall, Politics Professor at Earlham College, Working for Peace on Capitol Hill.

view webcast recording (1:03)



Roland and CindiOct. 14: Roland Kreager and Cindi Goslee of Right Sharing of World Resources, Sustainable Community Development, Right Sharing of World Resources.

view webcast recording (59:23)



October 21: Break, No Peace Forum


LindseyOct. 28: Lindsey Frye, Bethany student, Awakening to the Female Divine: A Way of Justice

view webcast recording-part 1 (37:08)
view webcast recording-part 2 (24:37)

(A power outage resulted in the loss of a minute, and the recording being divided into two parts.)



Nov. 4: Thor Hogan, Earlham Politics Professor,Tea Partiers and the Battle for Control of the Republican Party.

view webcast recording (47:45)




KauffmanNov. 11: Nick Miller Kauffman, Bethany student, A Myth to Save our Time.

view webcast recording (55:34)




GrossNov. 18: Rachel Gross, founder of Death Row Support Project, Radical Relationship-building with People on Death Row.

view webcast recording (51:08)



ShellenbergersDec. 2: Evie & Wally Shellenberger, Loving Across Religion and Politics in Iran.

view webcast recording (50:00)


Spring 2010 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                    (return to top)

Series: Otherness

Jan. 28Denise Bullock, Professor of Sociology at Indiana University East, Sociology of Otherness

Feb. 4: Charles Watson, Professor of Philosophy, African and African American Studies and Human Development and Social Relations at Earlham College, Loving our Enemies: Philosophy of Otherness,

Feb. 11: Scott Holland, Professor of Peace Studies, Public Theology and Cross-Cultural Studies at Bethany Seminary, Radical Hospitality & Walt Whitman.

Feb. 18: David Johns, Professor of Theology at Earlham School of Religion, Theology of Otherness.

Feb. 25David Fraccaro, Interfaith Youth Core Outreach and Education Trainer, Welcoming the Stranger Initiative, Immigration, Religious Pluralism and Otherness.

Mar. 4: Cliff Kindy, Christian Peacemaker Teams member and farmer, Dehumanization and Illegal Detention of Arab and Arab Americans

Mar. 11: Nick Miller Kauffman, Bethany student and Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation member & Michael Jackson, Professor of Psychology at Earlham College, Breaking the Silence: Effects of Military Dehumanization on Israeli Soldiers

Mar. 18: Spring Break, no Peace Forum

Series: "Isms"

Mar. 25Ron Church, Director of the Human Rights Commission and Josh Williams, Human Rights Commissioner, Local Dis/ability activism

Apr. 1: Carol Hunter Earlham Professor of History, Peace and Global Studies and African & African American Studies and Bob Hunter Multiculturalism and Justice Specialist for InterVarsity, Fannie Lou Hamer to Henry Louis Gates: Intersections of racism and classism

Apr. 8: Tom Benevento, Farmer, earth care activist and radical hostRadical Hospitality with One Another and the Earth,

Apr. 15: Ivonne Flores, Earlham senior Women's Studies major and Daryl Greene, President of Richmond's Community Council on Disability Awareness, Body, performance and dis/ability,

Apr. 22Malinda Berry, Professor of Theology at Bethany Seminary, Beth Harrick, Director of Girls' Incorporated of Wayne CountyAnti-sexism movements.

Apr. 29: Carol Wise, Director of the Brethren Mennonite Council on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Interests, Elder LGBTQ Experiences.


Fall 2009 Peace Forum Sessions:                                                                         (return to top)

Sept. 3: Ruthann Johansen, President of Bethany Theological Seminary, "Peace Education at Bethany"

Sept. 10: Scott Holland, Professor of Peace Studies, Bethany Theological Seminary, "International Education and Peace"

Sept. 17: Bill Morse, Director, "Digging Up Landmines With a Stick"

Learn more about the Cambodian Landmine Relief Fund

Sept. 24: Jerry Knutson, ESR student, "Prison Visitation and Quakers"

Oct. 1: Jana Schroeder, Bonner Scholars Program, "Prophets of Change: Advocating for a More Humane Criminal Justice System"

Oct. 8: Joy Ellison, Earlham PAGS alum, "One Hill at a Time: Supporting Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance" 

Learn more about Christian Peacemaker Teams.

Oct. 15: Jay Marshall, Dean of ESR, "Made in the USA, Reassembled Abroad"

Oct. 29: Aaron Nell, Positive Alternatives Program, "Adolescents creatively engaging moral reasoning through play"

Nov. 5: Chris Buice, Unitarian Universalist pastor and ESR grad, "Recovering from Congregational Trauma"

Learn more about the shooting at the Tennessee Valley UU Church last July

Nov. 12: Allan Winkler, Professor of Contemporary American History at U of Miami, Ohio, and biographer of Pete Seeger, "Peace, Pete Seeger, and the Power of Song"

Nov. 19: Gerald Mast, Professor of Religion at Bluffton College, "Defenseless Christianity: Theology for a Nonviolent Church"

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Monica Rice
Master of Arts

MonicaWhen my vocational calling led me to consider a seminary education, I visited Bethany out of a sense of Brethren obligation. Growing up in a Brethren family and congregation, attending a Brethren college, and then participating in several years of Brethren Volunteer Service, I felt a strong commitment to Brethren institutions. However, I felt ready to experience a different faith community for graduate study. I made plans to attend an urban Chicago seminary, but chose to visit Bethany to know that I had considered it as an option.