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Online Application Checklist for Domestic Degree Students

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After you have submitted your Domestic Degree Student application form, there are a few additional items to submit. (You may wish to print this page!)

References can now be submitted via webform. You are responsible for providing these weblinks to each of your three references. We recommend that you simply email the following links to those respective references: 

Further Steps:

[_] You may pay your application fee now.


(Alternatively, you may mail your check for $50.00 to the address above, made out to Bethany Theological Seminary.)

[_] MDiv, MA, & CATS applicants: Submit two essays on your personal and professional goals in seeking theological education. Further instructions on these essays can be found by clicking here.

You may submit your formatted essays via email as an attached MS-Word (.doc), Wordperfect (wpd), Open Office (.odt), or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file to Amy Gall Ritchie, at ritcham@bethanyseminary.edu; or you may mail it to the address above.

[_] MA applicants must submit the MA program application which can be submitted electronically or by paper form. This application includes a copy of a writing sample completed in prior academic study. It may focus on any subject. If a previously written paper is not available, you may write a new paper on a subject of your choosing. It must be between 15 - 20 pages typed, double spaced, and following a standard academic style, i.e. MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.

[_] Plan for a Campus Visit/Faculty Interview Day.

This is a one or two day visit. You will sit in on several classes, have meals with current students, experience interviews with two teaching faculty members, meet with the financial aid officer, and end your visit with the Director of Student Development. While you are here for your visit, your lodging will be provided, as well as all of your meals--you are our guest, and we are delighted to host you!  (Sign up for a visit now!)

Final Steps for the Admissions Process:

Once all of the materials are submitted and you have completed your campus visit and/or faculty interviews, the Admissions Committee will meet to make their determination. You will be notified both by email and an official letter. Please refer to the chart on the Apply Now page for deadlines.


We are glad to walk with you through this process. For assistance, please contact:

Amy Gall RitchieAmy Gall Ritchie, Director of Student Development
     ritcham@bethanyseminary.edu      765- 983-1806



Jody Gunn
(MDiv Connections)

JodyIn the summer of 2006, I made a pact with a high school friend to make our fortieth decade significant. My goal was to complete my Master of Divinity degree before I turned fifty years old. Inside I asked myself and God, "How is this was going to be possible?" Eventually, I was willing to be open to it. My life seemed crazy enough without adding seminary to the mix. I am married to Eric and have two children 15 and 10, so I run a household. I serve a church half time and find many opportunities to volunteer in our community. In spite of the busyness of my life I said "Yes!" to Bethany because I really was at a point in my life where it made sense.