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Application for Degree Programs

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To apply online for the Master of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Arts (MA), or the Certificate of Achievement in Theological Studies (CATS), please complete and submit the form below. This is the initial step toward completing an application file. Once you have submitted this online form, you will be directed to a web page that has the final forms and steps in the process outlined. You may also pay the nonrefundable application fee online once you have submitted your online form or mail the fee to us.
All application materials (application, references, transcripts, application fee, essays, campus visit) must be completed and submitted to our office by the corresponding deadline for the session in which you wish to start.  If you have any questions about deadlines, please contact Amy Gall Ritchie with admissions: #765-983-1806, ritcham@bethanyseminary.edu.
Thank you for completing this online application!

By clicking "Submit", I hereby affirm that all the information contained in this application is factually correct and honestly presented. I understand that any omission or falsification of information on this application may be grounds for denial of admission or immediate dismissal. I also understand that all documents submitted for application become the property of Bethany Theological Seminary and are not returnable or transferable to any third party.

Degree Program
Anticipated Start Date

The information in this section is requested on a voluntary basis. The information obtained from this section will be kept confidential. This information is being requested to help Bethany Seminary demonstrate its compliance with all state and federal regulations concerning discrimination. You have the option of supplying this information; it is not required.

Church Affiliation / Denomination

This information helps us determine financial aid programs and other student services for which you are eligible.


List your employment experience in past five years. Please note

  • Position
  • Employer
  • Employer's address
  • Dates of employment 

If there are significant gaps in this history, please explain.


List colleges, universities, and seminaries attended or other ministry training programs in which you have participated. For each experience, please note

  • Institution
  • Address
  • Dates attended
  • Degree (if any)
  • Date transcript request sent

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please explain in the space provided. Please include dates.


Please ask one person (not a relative) from each of the categories listed below to submit a recommendation on your behalf. These recommendations are now available as webforms. Please access these webforms on the Apply Now! page. For each person you will use as a reference, please provide:

  • Name
  • Street address
  • Email address
  • Daytime telephone number

The Family Education and Privacy Act of 1974 gives you the right to inspect recommendations written in support of applications for admission. The act also permits you to waive your rights to view letters of recommendation.
I waive my rights to have any access to letters of recommendation submitted by my references

Our apologies for requiring that you complete this CAPTCHA verification step, but we find it necessary to eliminate spam submissions to our site. Thank you for your understanding.

Jennifer Jensen
(MDiv Connections)

JenniferWhen my husband, parents, and I arrived at Bethany Theological Seminary for my long-awaited visit, I was giddy, to say the least! My whole life led to that moment and that weekend. I could not believe my dream was coming true! From the moment we arrived, we were treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. Not only did the staff and faculty put together an amazing weekend for me, they welcomed my questions, comments, or concerns we had and did it with complete openness which shined through in every person we visited. Everyone had a genuine interest in me, my husband, and my life. I truly felt like each person wanted to help me be sure this is where I was meant to be. I had the opportunity to sit in several classes, which was an absolutely remarkable and enlightening opportunity that only affirmed how excited I am to sit in those classes myself. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit with current students and recent graduates, getting a true sense of how Bethany affects and changes a person's life.