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Two Week Intensive Courses

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Two week intensives meet four hours per day for two consecutive weeks.
Two week intensives are offered August, January, and May.



Quaker Public Ministry QS 377, Stephen Angell
What does it mean to be a Public Friend? This course will explore such topics as ministry and eldering; traveling ministry; recording and releasing of ministers; and the evolution of the Quaker pastorate. We will also examine the role of Quaker missions, education, and service, in spreading awareness of Quakers and their testimonies, and in some cases expanding the membership of the ReligiousSociety of Friends. Students will be required to do field work, visiting Friends meetings, churches, and schools, and/or interviewing Friends’ ministers. 3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: QS 107
Contextual Theology TS 290-T, David Johns
This course introduces students to the role of context and culture in theology and in the practice of ministry through a first hand cross-cultural experience and careful reflection upon it. Locations will vary each year and will range from international, to border site, to US rural, to US intercity. Selected readings and discussions will raise questions such as otherness, enculturation of faith, communication, theological diversity, and so on. Travel will reinforce this learning and place it in demonstrable context. 3 semester hours.
Christian Ethics TS 336-T, Adjunct 
An examination of the Christian moral life and the theological convictions that animate it, including its understanding of the good, of conscience, the nature of humanity, and the faith community’s public witness. These proposals are considered in conversation with selected issues requiring careful and responsible Christian engagement, for example, war and peace, the environment, and genetic engineering. 3 semester hours. 
Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O or T 101/101-O
Practical Theology of Baptism M 238-T, Russell Haitch 

What does baptism mean in the church, and what are its implications for education and everyday life? We will examine contrasting theological positions, seeking to understand what is at stake in the great baptismal debates over questions such as “infants” versus “believers” and “water“ versus “Spirit.”   Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anabaptist, Reformed, Pentecostal and other perspectives are welcomed and will be discussed. (Students pursuing an emphasis in Ministry with Youth and Young Adults can focus their written work in a way that makes this course count toward their requirements.) 3 semester hours.

MAY 2014

Foundations for Church Growth M 245-T, Jonathon Shively 
The course will develop a missional understanding of church attentive to Brethren perspectives and practices and drawing on current evangelism and church planting strategies. The course will consider biblical foundations, spiritual formation, leadership roles, cultural dynamics, congregational vocation, and key evangelistic skills. 3 semester hours.
Quakers and the Bible BS 339-T, Stephen Angell/Nancy Bowen
This course examines the various uses and interpretations by Quakers of the Bible throughout their history. Specific areas of exploration could include, but are not limited to: Quaker use of the Bible in devotion, public 
discourse, study, and scholarship, how the Bible has functioned in different parts of the Quaker spectrum and/or in different historical and/or geographical contexts, the use of the Bible in relation to the Quaker testimonies, or how Quakers have read in the past or how they read today particular books of the Bible. This course engages central issues that relate to these topics such as the history of interpretation, hermeneutics, and the authority of Scripture. The course also engages the questions of whether there is an historical Quaker core and what makes a reading of the Bible Quaker in today’s context. 3 semester hours.
Prerequisite: Any ESR Quakerism course AND either BS/B 101 or BS/B 102; pre-requisites may be waived by an instructors.
The Soul's Journey into God, Assisi, Italy and Environs, TS 290-T, Carol Spencer
Course Description coming soon! 
Faith and Philanthropy, LS 235, Jeavins
Course Description coming soon!
Writing Mental Illness, WR 250, Ben Brazil 
Course Description coming soon! 
Pastoral Spirituality  PM 150-T, Phil Baisley
This course emphasizes the personal side of pastoring, including the importance of caring for one’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health. Students will become familiar with the joys and pitfalls of being part of a pastoral family and begin to develop a personal philosophy of pastoral ministry. 3 semester hours.
Topics for Writing in Ministry WR 290-T, Adjunct
The study of, practice in, and critique of a particular genre that is especially suitable for ministry. Topics will vary. 3 semester hours.

Course listings are subject to change.  Please be sure to check the Registrar's current course schedule
on the Seminary Academic Services website for possible additional courses or corrections.

Jody Gunn
(MDiv Connections)

JodyIn the summer of 2006, I made a pact with a high school friend to make our fortieth decade significant. My goal was to complete my Master of Divinity degree before I turned fifty years old. Inside I asked myself and God, "How is this was going to be possible?" Eventually, I was willing to be open to it. My life seemed crazy enough without adding seminary to the mix. I am married to Eric and have two children 15 and 10, so I run a household. I serve a church half time and find many opportunities to volunteer in our community. In spite of the busyness of my life I said "Yes!" to Bethany because I really was at a point in my life where it made sense.