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Two Week Intensive Courses

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Two week intensives meet four hours per day for two consecutive weeks.
Two week intensives are offered August, January, and May.


MAY 18-29, 2015

Work of the Pastor, PM 250-T, Phil Baisley 

This course emphasizes the day-to-day ministry of pastoring. Primary foci are: the candidating process, visitation ministry, weddings and pre-marital counseling, and funerals and grief care. Discussions of principles, as well as opportunities for practice, are integral to this course. 3 semester hours 

Women in the Old Testament, BS 356, Nancy Bowen

This course considers women in the Old Testament, including the Apocrypha. The course focuses on how women are characterized and their various social roles and gives attention to the similarities and differences of women’s roles and status in the social and religious contexts of ancient Israel and today. 3 semester hours.  

Quaker Processes for Leadership, LS 374-T, Jay Marshall

This course focuses upon specifi cally Quaker practices related to leadership such as clerking, eldering, recording, and committee formation. Non-Quaker students would be expected to consider how these leadership practices might translate to their respective traditions. 3 semester hours. Prerequisite: LS 101-O.

 Evangelism in a Postmodern Context, M 222-T, Tara Hornbacker

This course will introduce students to the recent developments in Evangelism and Missiology due to the shifts in North American and global cultures. Topics for discussion will include local, contextual, and missional church evangelism with attention to Anabaptist/Pietist understanding. Authors studied will include: Bosch, Newbigin, and writers from the Gospel and Our Culture Network. Successful completion of this course will necessitate student interpretation, integration, communication, and anticipation of the work of Evangelism and Missiology in their own ministries in light of emerging cultural structures. 3 semester hours.

Christian Ethics, TS 336-T, Adjunct

An examination of the Christian moral life and the theological convictions that animate it, including its understanding of the good, of conscience, the nature of humanity, and the faith community’s public witness. These proposals are considered in conversation with selected issues requiring careful and responsible Christian engagement: for example, war and peace, the environment, and genetic engineering. 3 semester hours. Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O or T 101/101-O.

Interfaith Dialogue, TS 366-T, Lonnie Valentine

This is an introduction to concepts and practices of world religions and to theological reflection upon the relationship of Christianity to other faith traditions. As such, the course will touch upon Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese traditions, Judaism, Islam, and primal traditions. There will be some Introduction to how these faith traditions express themselves in the United States. 3 semester hours. Prerequisite: TS 101/101-O.


Course listings are subject to change.  Please be sure to check the Registrar's current course schedule
on the Seminary Academic Services website for possible additional courses or corrections.

Bekah Houff
Master of Divinity

BekahWhat is ministry? In my eyes ministry is in the pulpit, in the classroom, on the streets, your job at the post office, a local restaurant, or a coffee shop anywhere God calls you to be a ministering person. For me, this year, ministry means a non-traditional (not in a congregation) placement involving lots of administrative work as I serve the South/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren as District Youth Director for the next eight months.