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Pastoral Spirituality PM 150-O, Phil Baisley
This course emphasizes the personal side of pastoring, including the importance of caring for one’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health. Students will become familiar with the joys and pitfalls of being part of a pastoral family and begin to develop a personal philosophy of pastoral ministry. 3 semester hours.
Psalms BS 340-O, Nancy Bowen
Course Description Coming Soon! 
Seminar in Biblical Studies: Hebrews BS 390-O, Tim Seid
Reading and research on selected topics from the Bible, including both book studies from different parts of the Old and New Testaments and topical studies, e.g., Images of God in the Old Testament; Women in the Old Testament; Apocalyptic Literature; Old Testament Theology; Psalms; Philippians; James. Different topics are considered in subsequent offerings; therefore this seminar may be taken for credit more than once. 3 
semester hours. 
Prerequisite: BS 101/101-O or B 102/102-O
Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies PJ 101-O, Lonnie Valentine
This foundational course in the Peace and Justice program explores contemporary conflict by applying each of ESR’s four core areas of religious studies: Bible, Theology, Church History, and Spirituality. This course serves as the introduction to the three core courses in the Peace and Justice program. 3 semester hours.

Ecclesiology, T 314-O, Malinda Berry and Denise Kettering-Lane 

This course is an exploration of what it means for Christians to gather together as a (visible) community called the church. The content includes an in-depth survey of historically and theologically signifi cant ecclesial images and metaphors; an ecumenical review of traditional definitions and marks of the church; and constructive assessment of these themes from the ecclesial perspectives of the Historic Peace Churches, Believers Church, and Free Church. In addition to theological understandings of ecclesiology, students will also use sociological and historical methodologies to explore how the Christian church shapes both society and personal identity. Prerequisite: T/TS 101. 3 semester hours.

Gender and Christian Devotion, H 340-O, Denise Kettering-Lane
Course Description coming soon! 
History of Christianity II H 102-O, Ken Rodgers

The course continues the overview of the history of Christianity from the Reformation to the present. Topics of study include the Magisterial Reformation, the Radical Reformation, Roman Catholic reform, Protestant Orthodoxy, Pietism, and the Evangelical Awakening, the impact of Enlightenment rationalism, missionary expansion, Protestant liberalism and fundamentalism, the ecumenical movement, Christianity in developing countries and the Christian decline in the industrialized West. 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the New Testament B 102-O, Dan Ulrich
This course offers  a survey of the 27 writings that compose the New Testament canon.  We will study each of these writings with attention to their literary form and content, their origins in the life of early Christian communities, and their meanings for readers today. 3 semester hours.

Course listings are subject to change.  Please be sure to check the Registrar's current course schedule
on the Seminary Academic Services website for possible additional courses or corrections.

Bekah Houff
Master of Divinity

BekahWhat is ministry? In my eyes ministry is in the pulpit, in the classroom, on the streets, your job at the post office, a local restaurant, or a coffee shop anywhere God calls you to be a ministering person. For me, this year, ministry means a non-traditional (not in a congregation) placement involving lots of administrative work as I serve the South/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren as District Youth Director for the next eight months.