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Faculty Profile: Lowell Flory

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Lowell FloryExecutive Director, Institutional Advancement and Gift Planning


Office: 765-983-1805




Biographical Sketch:

My childhood and youth were spent in a Kansas home headed by an Iowa farm boy turned history professor and by a Brethren pastor’s daughter. Mom (the pastor’s daughter) was an accomplished household manager, a home economics major and dietetically exacting cook. In summers, dad (the history professor) often turned carpenter and construction manager, a predisposition which shaped his avocational interests and provided summer work for me.

A life in higher education was a goal from my early youth. Starting down the path of graduate study in history, my focus was bumped off course by the intervention of a draft board “encouraging” me, as a 1-W, to seek alternative service work. A mandatory two year commitment grew into seven years in an organizational development position in a large hospital. That journey led me to redirect graduate study to organizational behavior and leadership, and then subsequently to law. My world view has been enriched and honed both by contrasting educational processes and by professional and volunteer involvements that intertwine these three pursuits – history, leadership and organization, and law. I have developed a perspective on life, faith, and vocation that may not be immediately apparent or logical to the distant observer, but which represents my particular interest, perspective, and perhaps expertise.

I am married and father of a son and three daughters, one of whom is a graduate of Bethany Theological Seminary and another working toward that end. Another of our daughters is an occupational therapist, and our son an industrial designer in computer animation work.  My wife, Barbara, is an elementary reading specialist. My avocational interests include travel, enjoying certain genres of classical music, photography, and yes, woodworking and construction.

I am deeply committed to a witness the Church of the Brethren has to share with a wider faith community and with an increasingly secularized world.  It has been a rare time in my life that I have not been directly involved in the Church of the Brethren at the local level and beyond.  Over the years I have served on the boards of three of the four agencies that report to the Annual Conference and have regularly participated in that Conference for over 30 years. I have been directly involved with Bethany Seminary at the board or staff level for 25 years. 

I believe Bethany has a unique and pivotal opportunity to partner with the church and with congregations as they imagine their way to their future. As I travel through the denomination in my work as public communicator and educator, it is among the highest of my priorities to help encourage the hope, the vision, and the resolve among constituents that the witness of the Church of the Brethren is indeed spot-on for today’s world. Pursuing that priority is what gives me energy and personal hope for the witness of the faith community I deeply value.



  • B.A., History, McPherson College
  • Graduate study in History, University of Kansas
  • M.A., Organizational Communication, University of Kansas
  • J.D., University of Kansas School of Law

Courses Recently Taught:

  • M260 – Leadership and Organizational Process
  • M270 -- God, Money, & Time (co taught, on stewardship & finance)
  • Brethren Academy continuing education – Advanced Foundations of Church Leadership

Taught Elsewhere:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Strategic planning
  • Business ethics

Websites for Interest:

For a complete listing of accomplishments, Curriculum Vitae (coming soon)

Bekah Houff
Master of Divinity

BekahWhat is ministry? In my eyes ministry is in the pulpit, in the classroom, on the streets, your job at the post office, a local restaurant, or a coffee shop anywhere God calls you to be a ministering person. For me, this year, ministry means a non-traditional (not in a congregation) placement involving lots of administrative work as I serve the South/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren as District Youth Director for the next eight months.