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Bethany Merchandise

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You may purchase gifts and clothing with the Bethany logo by contacting our on-campus sales provider, Earlham Bookstore, at bookstore2@earlham.edu.

Web Page: Earlham Bookstore

Phone: 765-983-1310

Fax: 765-983-1467


However, we hope to begin an entirely new line of Bethany items for sale...
look for an announcement in the near future!

Staci Williams
(Master of Divinity Connections)

"Determined to make it happen"

My call came to me as I was sitting at a spiritual retreat talking about women in ministry. Suddenly I just had this overwhelming feeling that I knew I was supposed to be one of those women. That event started me on a journey that has been remarkable, wonderful, challenging, and sometimes scary. But one certainty has been clear since the beginning: Bethany Theological Seminary was going to be a part of that journey. It took me six years to finish my undergraduate degree, and then I took a year to rest, but I finally made it here!