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Haitch Presents "Who Am I?"

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Russell HaitchOn Saturday, October 26, Russell Haitch presented a professorial lecture at Bethany Seminary, commemorating his promotion to full professor of practical theology. Free and open to the public, the lecture began at 7:15 pm (EDT) and was webcast.

Entitled "Who Am I? Questions of Identity, Answers of Christianity," the lecture  focused on how young people are searching for identity in an age of individualism. They are trying to answer the critical question of adolescent development—who am I?—as parents, pastors, and youth leaders wonder how to help them. Haitch presented three different approaches with a goal of seeing how the search for identity can lead to intimacy with Christ.

Haitch began his tenure at Bethany in 2002 and also serves as the Seminary’s director of the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, he has served congregations as pastor and youth pastor.

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Sue Ross
Master of Arts '08

SueAbout eight years ago, everywhere I turned, I felt a nudge and heard a voice to study and learn about God. I would hear it in discussions with friends, in sermons, in song, in prayers, and in silence. I wanted to ignore that voice because I had a full-time job in the business world that I enjoyed. However, God's voice never stopped, so I enrolled at Bethany Theological Seminary. It all started as a very personal reason with no expectation of using a degree but simply a way to experience God.