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EYC 2014 Registration Open

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High school juniors and seniors are invited to Colorado State University next summer for Explore Your Call, July 15-19, 2014. Sponsored by the Institute for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults at Bethany Seminary, this event is being held the week prior to National Youth Conference, also at Colorado State. Interested youth will be able to attend both events, and EYC staff will connect participants with their youth groups as they arrive for NYC.
EYC 2014 participants
Since Explore Your Call was reinstated three years ago, Bethany faculty, students, and alumni/ae have guided young participants in learning about the meaning of ministry and contemplating the experience of God’s call. Structured time in the classroom and on field experiences is balanced with worship, personal sharing, and recreation.

During the past three years, seventeen youth have participated in Explore Your Call. Brittany Fourman from the Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren in Dayton, Ohio, attended in June 2013, in addition to serving as a summer intern with her own congregation. Her words convey a deepening of her own spiritual life while calling others to find new depth as well:

"Explore Your Call is more than just a spiritual experience—it is a life changer. What you hear, the experiences you have, and the people you meet will remain with you long after leaving EYC. You not only get to know God more intimately but also quickly build relationships with the coordinators, the professors and the rest of the youth in the group. This program is a place where young, strong minded Christians can explore their lives with God and feel safe in asking tough questions.

"It’s quite difficult to put into words the impact EYC made on my life, but to sum it up, I feel more confident and knowledgeable in my faith and walk with Christ. I left EYC knowing that the call comes in many forms, many ways, and at any time. I don’t have to be a pastor to be called into ministry; the word of the Lord can shine through me in any vocation I may follow. Knowing that the path that’s given to me will be used by the Lord is a wonderful feeling.

"EYC challenges you. It’s a time when you are pushed to be uncomfortable and explore uncrossed territory. Come prepared to learn, to bask in the glory of God, and to experience community and fellowship. During EYC it’s important to embrace the diversity of the people you encounter and really learn to love all of God’s children. Try to retain as much information as possible—it’s not only fascinating; you’ll also find yourself including those concepts in your daily life. And expect to leave EYC more in love with God than you thought possible."

Registration for EYC is now open at www.bethanyseminary.edu/eyc. More details about the EYC 2014 program will be available in the coming months. Contact Bekah Houff, coordinator of outreach programs, for more information at houffre@bethanyseminary.edu or 765-983-1809.

Elizabeth Keller
Master of Divinity '08

ElizabethSaying “YES” to God can get messy. It did for me. In all my defiance and resistance to God’s call (maybe you can relate?!), I made a mess--and while I learned along the way to revel in the messiness, I give thanks to God who can make any crooked path straight. May my personal story resonate some with our universal story as the emerging generation of the church for the 21st century.