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Assistant to the Webmaster

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Federal Work-Study Position Application Form

Job Title

Assistant to the Webmaster
Reports to Enten Eller
Department Communication (IA)
Days of Week Flexible
Time of Day Flexible
Hours per week 15
Start date 7/2/13
End date 6/30/14
Pay rate 9.75
General description/brief summary Assist webmaster with maintenance of Bethany's websites and the monitoring of Bethany's web presence (including other web sites).
  • Evaluating Bethany's entire website
  • Reviewing changes to Bethany's website as proposed
  • Assisting in posting updated content to the website
  • Providing any minor corrections, cleanups and updates to the site as needed
  • Bringing signifigant issues to the attention of the webmaster
  • Other related duties as assigned
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of HTML (or willingness and aptitude to learn)
  • Precision and keen attention to detail
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Ability to critique others' work in a non-threatening way
  • Willingness to learn and incorporate style techniques
  • Keen awareness of written presentation of content
Physical demands  Keyboarding, visual acuity (reading computer monitors)


Jody Gunn
(MDiv Connections)

JodyIn the summer of 2006, I made a pact with a high school friend to make our fortieth decade significant. My goal was to complete my Master of Divinity degree before I turned fifty years old. Inside I asked myself and God, "How is this was going to be possible?" Eventually, I was willing to be open to it. My life seemed crazy enough without adding seminary to the mix. I am married to Eric and have two children 15 and 10, so I run a household. I serve a church half time and find many opportunities to volunteer in our community. In spite of the busyness of my life I said "Yes!" to Bethany because I really was at a point in my life where it made sense.