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Teaching Assistant - Ecclesiology

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Federal Work-Study Position Application Form

Job Title

Teaching Assistant - Ecclesiology
Reports to Malinda Berry/Denise Kettering
Department Instruction
Days of Week


Time of Day Flexible
Hours per week 4
Start date  8/23/13
End date  5/11/14
Pay rate  9.75
General description/brief summary

We are requesting a course assistant (CA) for 3XX: Ecclesiology, a co-taught, online course in which the CA’s primary role is to assist the instructors by monitoring students’ online participation, helping instructors guide online discussion, fielding basic Moodle/tech support questions, and other duties as assigned.  


Regular login to Moodle. Meeting with course instructors on a regular basis, updating them on students’ online participation. Reviewing course readings and content, ready to intervene when the online discussion requires guidance.Other duties as assigned


Strong completion of T or TS 101: Introduction to Theological Reflection (residential or online). Availability to review course readings and content. Confidence to intervene in and help guide online discussion. Familiarity with Moodle.

Physical demands  N/A


Jeff Foster
(Certificate of Achievement in Theological Studies)

JeffFor nine years I felt the leading of God to ministry. I began my academic journey thinking that I had God all figured out. This journey began at Moody Bible Institute for several semesters, where I gleaned perspective on missions and evangelism. Because of a full-time missionary role, I suspended Moody classes to concentrate on raising support. During that time God began to speak to me about the overall disunity in our Christian church. I came to the conclusion that unity within the body of Christ is the best way to reach lost souls with greater depth. I started exploring the Anabaptist teaching and specifically the way the Church of the Brethren strives toward this vision of unity and reconciliation.