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Forum 2014 Full Schedule

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Forum 2014

Theme & PresentersPre-Forum GatheringBreakout Sessions
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Forum 2014 Full Schedule

* Indicates session will be webcast -- live only, no recording. 
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Pre-Forum Gathering

Thursday, April 3

          5:00-6:00 pm           Registration

          6:00-8:00 pm           Love Feast, Nicarry Chapel and ESR Dining Room

                 8:00 pm           Dessert and Fellowship


Friday, April 4

          8:00-8:15 am           Gathering Singing

          8:15-9:30 am           *Session One: Denise Kettering-Lane

          9:30-9:45 am           Break

        9:45-11:00 am           *Session Two: Russell Haitch

       11:00-11:20 am           Break

  11:20 am-12:00 pm           Participate in Bethany-ESR Joint Chapel

        11:45-1:00 pm           Lunch

          1:15-2:30 pm           *Session Three: Malinda Berry

          2:30-2:45 pm           Break

          2:45-4:00 pm           *Session Four: Jeff Carter


Presidential Forum

Friday, April 4  (continued)


          4:00-5:00 pm           Registration and Check In

          5:00-6:30 pm           Dinner

          6:30-7:00 pm           *Opening Worship

          7:00-8:00 pm           *Presentation by Shane Claiborne

          8:00-8:15 pm           Break

                 8:30 pm           *Talkback with Shane Claiborne


Saturday, April 5

          8:30-9:45 am           *Gathering and Plenary with Ruth Anne Reese

         9:45-10:00 am           Break

       10:00-11:15 am           *Plenary with Janet Walton

  11:15 am-12:45 pm           Lunch

          1:00-2:00 pm           Breakout Sessions

          2:00-2:15 pm           Break

          2:15-3:45 pm           *Drama with Ted Swartz and Closing Worship



Questions or comments?  Please contact, or call 800-287-8822.


Theme & PresentersPre-Forum GatheringBreakout Sessions
Full ScheduleAdditional (Webcast, CEUs, Lodging, Etc.)Register Now!

Jennifer Jensen
(MDiv Connections)

JenniferWhen my husband, parents, and I arrived at Bethany Theological Seminary for my long-awaited visit, I was giddy, to say the least! My whole life led to that moment and that weekend. I could not believe my dream was coming true! From the moment we arrived, we were treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. Not only did the staff and faculty put together an amazing weekend for me, they welcomed my questions, comments, or concerns we had and did it with complete openness which shined through in every person we visited. Everyone had a genuine interest in me, my husband, and my life. I truly felt like each person wanted to help me be sure this is where I was meant to be. I had the opportunity to sit in several classes, which was an absolutely remarkable and enlightening opportunity that only affirmed how excited I am to sit in those classes myself. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit with current students and recent graduates, getting a true sense of how Bethany affects and changes a person's life.