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Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center Courses

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Cup and Bread Open Books

These courses offered by Bethany, and hosted by the
Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

(In order to receive graduate credit, students must be enrolled at Bethany)


Bonhoeffer, War & Peace

Dates: Feb 21st-22nd, March 6th-7th, March 21st-22nd
Location: TBA
This course blends the disciplines of peace studies, theology, and ethics to bring the life and thought of martyred pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer into conversation with the genuine dilemmas of Christian conscience around the problems of war and peace in a time of totalitarian politics and the horrors of the Holocaust. Particular attention will be given to Bonhoeffer’s New York experience and how it helped form and inform his final resistance to European fascism. Prerequisite: P 126 or T/TS 101. 3 semester hours.

Course listings are subject to change.  Please be sure to check the Registrar's current course schedule
on the Seminary Academic Services website for possible additional courses or corrections.


John Smith
(MDiv Connections)

classMy wife Barbara and I first visited Bethany in June 2009. After spending two days meeting with faculty and staff I returned home even more uncertain. Did I really want to devote the time this program required? Was I willing to learn computer skills that didn't even exist when I finished college in 1972? Was I willing to make the eight-hour drive that would occasionally be necessary? Was this really what God was calling me to do at this time in my life? From the very beginning, I came as I am, but went not as I came. Little did I know how this Bethany tag line would time and time again ring true for my educational experience.