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Hybrid Courses

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Discussion Singing

Hybrid classes meet both online and on campus.
In addition to on-going online work, the classes meet on campus two weekends,
Friday 2:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. each weekend.



Administration, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior, M 260-T, Lowell Flory 

This course focuses on the role of leadership from the perspective of the individual, the group, and the institution. Emphasis is on understanding multiple contexts in which leadership functions, contrasting styles of leadership, and how leadership theory and philosophy infl uence choice of leadership behavior or style. Additional emphases include group development, organizational culture, decision making, organizing for mission, management of change, systems thinking, and contingency approaches. 3 semester hours.

Missional Church Leadership, M 340-H, Tara Hornbacker 

This course employs concepts of missional leadership and develops skills for persons guiding ministry settings with an awareness of context, discernment of vision, and design for missional witness. Participants will engage concepts of adaptive challenge, improvisational presence, and inspirational leadership in a variety of settings. Focus will be on leadership for the “now and not yet” or the postmodern context. Prerequisite: M 222. 3 semester hours.


Course listings are subject to change. Please be sure to check the Registrar's current course schedule
on the Seminary Academic Services website for possible additional courses or corrections.

Elizabeth Keller
Master of Divinity '08

ElizabethSaying “YES” to God can get messy. It did for me. In all my defiance and resistance to God’s call (maybe you can relate?!), I made a mess--and while I learned along the way to revel in the messiness, I give thanks to God who can make any crooked path straight. May my personal story resonate some with our universal story as the emerging generation of the church for the 21st century.